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Donets-Zakharzhevskogo Street

2 bedroom apartment for rent - Donets-Zakharzhevskogo Street (ID 46)

Your comfortable stay in Kharkov next to Sumskaya Street, Constitution Square and Pushkinskaya Street (in the beginning). Welcome to a spacious two-bedroom apartment in historic downtown of Kharkov, a very comfortable and freshly renovated flat for daily rent. The best features of this apartment rental: excellent location, a great bathroom, much space.

Rozy Luxemburg Square

2 bedroom apartment for rent - Rozy Luxemburg Square (ID 44)

A spacious, modern two-bedroom apartment (two separate complete bedrooms) in historic downtown of Kharkov on Rozy Luxemburg Square. This flat for daily rent has a beautiful view to downtown, and is located close to Constitution Square, the beginning of Moskovskiy Avenue, Sumskaya and Pushkinskaya Streets. The best feature of the apartment rental - two complete bedrooms, the Internet connection with a computer.

Krymskaya Street

2 bedroom apartment for rent - Krymskaya Street (ID 43)

A beautiful, large two-bedroom apartment in the area close to Kharkov downtown, in Krymskaya Street between the Gorky Park (Sumskaya Street) and Lenina Avenue. This Kharkov flat for daily rent has a luxurious bathroom with a window and spa, fireplace, a beautiful bedroom and is located in a quiet yard.

Pushkinskaya Street

2 bedroom apartment for rent - Pushkinskaya Street (ID 25)

A stylish, spacious two-bedroom apartment (one main bedroom, one guest bedroom) with renovation finished in August 2007. In the whole flat for daily rent there are new windows, new floors, beautiful furniture. The living room has a soft furniture set, a TV-set with a large screen and multi-lingual channels, powerful music system. The guest bedroom has a convertible leather sofa (for two sleeping places), ironing board with iron, a balcony with a French window. A large main bedroom has a king-size bed, a large wardrobe, a small TV-set. The apartment rental is large, comfortable; the kitchen is very big and functional. Superb location - right in Pushkinskaya Street.

Petrovskogo Street

2 bedroom apartment for rent - Petrovskogo Street (ID 24)

A great modern two-bedroom apartment in Kharkov downtown - at the corner of Petrovskogo and Pushkinskaya Streets. This was a designer's project, and this flat for daily rent has two separate bedrooms with a king-size bed each, a large living room with electric fireplace, a large balcony with great view, a big bathroom with spa, a separate sauna room. There is cable TV with multi-lingual channels, air-conditioners, washing machine and all the necessary for your comfortable stay in Kharkov.

Apartments 11 - 15 from 15 Prev. | 1 | 2 |