Apartment for short-term rent, rental, Kharkov, Ukraine

Studio apartment - Moskovskiy Avenue (ID 39)

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This apartment is non-smoking. Booking this apartment you agree to not smoke inside the apartment.
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New! Rent internet modem

Now this apartment can be rented with internet broadband 3G internet modem. For details and reservation write us info@kharkovrent.com or call +380 67 7095545

Detailed Description of the Apartment for rent:

This is a wisely planned studio apartment (loft), two-level one as very high ceilings made it possible to create a separate bedroom upstairs. The living area of this Kharkov flat has TV-set with multi-lingual channels, DVD plus stereo speaker, air-conditioner, a folding sofa for two sleeping berths; small kitchen-studio is separated from the living room by a bar. A small bathroom has bath tub with a fixed shower. There is no land telephone in the apt for rent. The bedroom has a king-size bed and a small wardrobe. In the whole this apartment rental is an excellent decision for a Kharkov visitor who wants to live centrally, and not to overpay for lodging.

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The studio flat for rent is located at the distance of 3 minutes by foot from the underground station "Sovetskaya", within 3 minutes proximity to Constitution Square, and the beginning of Sumskaya and Pushkinskaya Streets.

This apartment is non-smoking, booking it you agree with this rule

Apartment Booking Pre-Payment