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We would like to congratulate on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2014 all the guests and citizens of Kharkiv!

Christmas holidays is always the magic time anticipated by both adults and children.

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Day of Knowledge in Kharkiv City

Welcome to Kharkiv to enjoy celebration of another holiday again! This time it is the youth festival -  Day of Knowledge. Every year on the 1st of September school year begins in kindergartens, schools, institutes and universities of Ukraine, and of course Kharkiv

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Holidays in Kharkov

End of summer in Kharkov is a traditional chain of festive events. End of August Kharkiv became once again the center of public events and a magnet to a large number of tourists and guests of the city

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Monuments of the past in historical center of Kharkiv

In historical Kharkiv city center, monuments of the past have been erected in front of the renovated building of Kharkiv Historical museum

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"Bride Parade" in Kharkiv

The beginning of summer in Kharkov was marked by a number of special events. Particular place among them occupies "Bride Parade" held every year in Kharkiv.

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