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Apartments for rent in Kharkov which have two bathrooms

Esteemed quests of the city Kharkov, we would like to pay your attention to a couple of our three-room apartments for rent which have two bathrooms. We know that in western culture in an apartment there are 2 or more bathrooms depending on the number of bedrooms in it. In Ukraine, even if it’s an apartment for rent, there is usually one bathroom in it regardless of how many rooms it consists of. But now standards are changing, and we have the possibility to suggest apartments with two bathrooms to you. You know that having your own bathroom is very comfortable, especially in the morning when you have to prepare for a business meeting quickly, and in the evening when you come back home after a tiresome day and want to have a rest. Our apartments for rent with two bathrooms are just what you need.

One of these apartments is situated in the Sumskaya Street (ID 50). This is a stylish apartment with a French casement ceiling, photo wallpaper, a double bed in each bedroom, comfortable upholstered furniture in a living room, an air-conditioner in all three rooms. In its first bathroom there is a shower cabin with hydromassage equipment which will help you to be brisk from the very morning and give you a supply of energy for a whole day. In the second bathroom there is a bath, in which you can relax after a working day or a walk. More detailed information about this apartment for rent you can read here.

The other apartment for rent with two bathrooms is situated in Mironositskaya Street (ID 53). It’s good for long-term rent as there are all the necessary things for comfortable living and even elements of luxury in it: a French casement ceiling, Italian photo wallpaper, a fireplace trimmed with marble, a double bed in each bedroom, a big plasma TV set and others. As to the bathrooms, they are also luxurious. In one bathroom there is a shower cabin with modern hydromassage equipment and many functions including a music system. In the other bathroom there is spa. You can see more details about this apartment here. We hope that you will enjoy living in our apartments for rent in Kharkov.