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Day of Knowledge in Kharkiv City

Welcome to Kharkiv to enjoy celebration of another holiday again! This time it is the youth festival -  Day of Knowledge. Every year on the 1st of September school year begins in kindergartens, schools, institutes and universities of Ukraine, and of course Kharkiv. All students are looking forward towards this day during the summer :-) This year a substantial part of Knowledge Day celebration was the traditional concert presented on the main square of Kharkiv - the centerof cultural and social life. Heads of all universities officially lighted up a symbolic "flame of knowledge" in Freedom square. And it could not get along without a festive concert! Keeping up the annual tradition, all students could enjoy firework show at the end of the concert as well.

Also ‘the board wishes’ has been set near the main stage of the park. There  everyone with no exception, could leave their wishes and parting words to new students in the coming year. And holidays celebration ended with flamenco festival and disco dance party for the young participants.

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