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Features of rent apartment in Kharkov on New Years holidays

New Year holidays of 2010 are coming soon, and many of locals and guests of Kharkov are starting to make plans for celebration of the main holiday of the year. In Ukraine New Year holidays have been traditionally paid a lot of attention and preparation to, and modern times they begin with Catholic Christmas, extend into New Year’s Eve (traditionally the biggest holiday in Soviet times), then Orthodox Christmas comes on the 6th of January, the time for family get togethers and cooking, and Old New Year – the most mystique holiday for foreign people, is celebrated on the 13th of January.

KharkovRent.Com is congratulating our clients and dear guests with upcoming holiday season and welcomes everyone to Kharkov! Our apartments for rent in Kharkov are comfortable, warm and only centrally located. At that, we would like to note especially for our foreign guests, that unlike many other apartment rental companies in Kharkov, we do not rent apartments in Kharkov only for the celebration of NY Night for youngsters or big groups of people, thus avoiding damage and tear and wear to our apartments for daily rent in Kharkov, and keep them clean and neat along the way of usage.

Many of Kharkovites and Kharkov guests will celebrate holidays in Kharkov and traditionally there are many people coming into Kharkov during the terms of celebration 27 th December - 14 January, and as usual it is a period of high demand on short-term rental apartments in Kharkov. Please note that due to the demand and many requests for accommodation in our Kharkov apartments we have to have holiday season prices increase for around 20%. Please contact apartment manager at the moment of inquiring or booking your apartment in Kharkov for exact price negotiation.

A lot of foreign visitors are coming over to celebrate holidays in Kharkov traditionally every year, especially because of Kharkov famous night clubs show programs, fireworks, shows and many other entertainments in the center of Kharkov, and we are happy to note as usual that due to our apartments for rent in Kharkov prime locations in the center of Kharkov, our clients can see them all with their own eyes or be part of it and participate, as it is easy and convenient to get to any major event or club from our Kharkov apartments for rent. Happy 2010 holiday season to everybody!