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Kharkov has just celebrated The City Day on August 24th, 2010, with an extraordinary and colorful LIGHTS SHOW in the main square of Kharkov, Svobody Square.

Thousands of people arrived into Kharkov for celebrations of Ukraine Independence Day (August 23d) and Kharkov special City Day (Kharkov foundation day) on August 24th. The city authorities as usual spent lots of money and organizational efforts for festivities preparations, and the holidays were remarkable. Shows and parades, music, concerts, all was there. But, its better to see it once with your eyes than to hear, right? So do not hesitate to visit Kharkov next summer, and we will be happy to offer you best accommodation in Kharkov. You can always book your apartment for rent in Kharkov in advance, and enjoy the festivities in Kharkov, as many our new and returning customers do. Enjoy summer in Kharkov, and you are always welcome by Kharkov Rent!