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Kharkov "Disneyland" opening

The renewed Gorky Park opening took place on 23rd August, 2012. This significant event coincided with the great holiday in Kharkov : the City Day. Now Gorky Park is the place of amusement and attraction where everyone can visit with family or bunch of friends – there is fun stuff for everybody to entertain yourself and enjoy life. In Kharkov Gorky Park there are over thirty modern rides and attractions, varying in composition, design, style and extreme power. Overall the park is divided into several theme zonesintended for different target audience. There is family recreational zone, themes for children, French style entertainment zone and the extreme attractions zone for lovers of adrenaline. The whole park territory has been newly and beautifully landscaped. Now there are lots of flower beds and green lawns. Also four unique fountains give a zest to the renovated park of Kharkov.

But of course its better to see itwith your own eyes, rather than use your imagination and try to guess what its like in realty, isnt it. Creators of Kharkov Gorky Park guarantee you will be impressed by the new look and feel of the park, and your experience will be unique and unforgettable, much better than any imagination, even the brightest one:-)

Take a notice that we represent a number of quality apartments for rent in Kharkov which are located in the very heart of the city close to the renewed Gorky Park. Our company Kharkov Apartments provides apartments for rent both for business and for pleasure where our clients will feel comfortable and safe. Let the reconstructed renovated Gorky Park in Kharkov be one more reason for you to visit the city that is the cultural capital of Ukraine.