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Reconstruction of the central recreation park

Kharkiv is a city with numerous attractions and places to relax. Parks and gardens of the city create excellent conditions for rest and entertainment in animate nature within the boundaries of a bustling metropolis.

One of these attractions in Kharkiv and at the same time the place to have rest at is a central recreation park named in honor to Maxim Gorky.

Kharkiv authorities are preparing a surprise for residents and visitors to the city . It will be the global reconstruction of the park before Eurochampionaship. There will be a lot of modern attractions and the park will be divided into leisure zones according to the interests : both for families and for people who like tickling their nerves. Among them are “mad scientist’s laboratory”, “petting zoo”, “safari among the dinosaurs”, “pirate lagoons” and “ancient towns”. In addition, the sponsors promise to gladden people with observation wheel ..Even now you can see the miniature model in the park. Kharkov "Disneyland" is being constructed in full blast.

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