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Saint Valentine’s Day in Kharkov

The most romantic holiday of the year is coming up – Saint Valentine’s Day. In Ukraine it has been celebrated relatively recently, and the attitude to it is ambiguous. Some people don’t approve it; others consider it an opportunity to show their affection. Anyway Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is becoming still more popular, especially among the youth.
Some days before the holiday in Kharkov stalls you can see “valentines”, heart shaped balloons, toys, boxes of chocolates and different things patterned with hearts. So lovers have a wide range of presents to each other.
If you are in Kharkov on the 14th of February, in spite of winter, you will feel the warm atmosphere of the holiday which lovers create. It’s so pleasant to see loving couples walking along the streets, or sitting in cafes, or going to the cinema, and always with flowers in girls’ hands. Romance!