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Weather and cultural events in Kharkov

Spring has come to Kharkov. The weather is perfect: warm and sunny. So don’t hesitate to visit Kharkov. You will have where to stay and what to see. As to the former, you have a wonderful opportunity to stay at our apartments for daily rent. They have everything for comfortable living and central location. Detailed information and photos of our flats for rent you can see on our site. Concerning the latter, I can assure you that Kharkov is rich in cultural events which I inform you about in our news. Recently famous Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov has given a concert in our Opera Theatre. He recited poetry written by famous Russian poets Pushkin and Yesenin, communicated with the audience. We saw a part of his performance dedicated to Yesenin, which he will bring to America in April. Interesting, for the last time the Americans heard the poetry of Yesenin in 1923 when Yesenin himself visited the USA. And now they will have the brilliant opportunity to hear it again recited by Bezrukov. Bezrukov played the main role in the Russian TV series “Yesenin”. This actor is really talented, so this performance will be a great event.