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Will see you in Kharkov for Euro 2012

Football (soccer) is well a known and world renowned game, loved by literally every third man in the world. People in many countries admire and enjoy it! Our city Kharkov Ukraine – as well! This coming year – 2012 is a special year in this regard, Kharkov city will be a proud host to one of the games of European Football Championship of 2012. The first capital of Ukraine (which is Kharkov) has already started to prepare for this important event. Kharkov preparation for the EURO-2012 involves the renovation of the Metallist soccer stadium, reconstruction of the airport and improvement of the infrastructure, renewal of the roads. Visiting Kharkiv you will be pleased to see positive changes in the city.

For the period of Euro2012 our apartment rental company will be glad to provide comfortable apartments for Kharkov guests, and we know there will be many as already we have started to receive inquires for bookings for Euro 2012 game in Kharkov. Unfortunately, we cannot accept reservations for the apartments that long time ahead and kindly inform our dear visitors and guests that we will start doing so in the beginning of next year, around Feb-April 2012. We would like to mention that prices for Euro 2012 for apartment accommodation in Ukraine will be higher than the regular prices you see on the website now. Please contact us for exact pricing and details next year around Fev-April 2012.

Will see you in Kharkov for Euro 2012!