KharkovRent rules and policies

See details of our rules and polices below


Stay for 1-3 nights

If you intend to visit Kharkov for 1 day or a couple of days, do not hesitate to contact us with a request for a particular apartment, and we will write you down for it. Send us e-mail, call +38 067 7095545 or chat with apartment manager skype: kharkivservice.

In 90% cases it will be the apartment you have requested originally, in some cases we will offer an equivalent substitution for your dates. What we guarantee is you will not be left without apartment sufficient and within your price range and requirements. At this form of booking you are NOT required to send pre-payment, and will be able to pay for your stay on the spot at the check-in, upon receiving the keys from your Kharkov apartment.

Stay for 4 or more nights

For Kharkov apartment bookings for 4 nights and more, you can select and book from our website any apartment which you prefer (if available at the time of booking). If you wish to reserve it 100% for you and are able to send pre-payment, contact our apartment manager here (e-mail), call +38 067 7095545 or chat with apartment manager SKYPE for details of sending over the pre-payment.

Booking amounts required: for each 7 day period which you book, a deposit of one night stay is required. For example for a stay of 4 days you need pay deposit of the apartment you have chosen one night’s price. For 8-14 days you will need to pay a deposit of two nights stay. For stays longer than two weeks or monthly rent deposit of $150 is required.

Methods of sending pre-payment:

The deposit is non-refundable in case you do not show up on the day of the arrival but it gives you complete guarantee that the apartment in Kharkov you request is held for your dates.

After we receive the prepayment we will send you full address of the apartment, your apartment manager contact phone number, and book your airport transfer in case you require one.

Alternatively, if your arrival timing is too soon, we can book your Kharkov apartment upon your sending us your flight information (scan copy of ticket, e-ticket receipt), for us it’s a guarantee you are definitely coming over to Kharkov, and we will be able to hold an apartment for your dates confirmed.

Don’t hesitate to ask further questions our apartment manager at or call +38 067 7095545.


Check-in to Apartment

At the check-in to your Kharkov apartment you are required to pay the balance of your stay in Kharkov in cash or you can use a credit card (see below). The balance is the amount for total of your nights of the stay, minus booking deposit (if you paid any). Also in some Kharkov apartments you will be required to add a security/damage deposit in the amount of Euro 50-200 depending on the Kharkov apartment, which will be returned to you on the day of your departure upon your handing over the keys back.

Paying by Credit Card

You can pay by a credit card on our website (3% fee added) or in cash withdrawing at ATMs located near the apartment; our manager who will be present at the check-in can help you finding one nearby. Please note that ATMs charge average 3% to 5% on foreign transactions, so it is always better to bring cash or go to nearest bank and withdraw money from debit card.

A tip: Don’t forget to inform your bank you will be using your credit or debit card in Ukraine – some US and European banks automatically prohibit use of their cards in some countries including Ukraine.


Check-in Time

You can check-in your Kharkov apartment any time after 14.00 on the day of your arrival. If you arrive earlier and the apartment is ready before that, we will be happy to check you in before 12 noon, it will depend what time the previous tenant leaves the apartment and gives us time to clean it and prepare for you. This we will know nearer towards your arrival, so don’t hesitate to ask us about this. Please note for late check-ins (after 23.00) or early check-ins (before 8.00) we will require additional payment of $5 for our staff meeting you in extra working time.

Early check-in

If you arrive early to Kharkov you can order early check-in and pay for it half of one night stay amount. We require this as apartment will have to stay empty from previous night, so that we are able to check you in let’s say at 6am or 8am in the morning. Early check-ins are possible if previous tenant has moved out accordingly and apartment is available for the time of your early check-in.

Agreed time, change of time of arrival

We are able to meet you at any agreed time (see conditions above). If you need to change this time or are delayed for any reason please contact us immediately. Our mobile phone number is +38 (067) 709-55-45, SKYPE.

Kharkov Airport transfer

Once you reserve your Kharkov apartment with us, don’t hesitate to order Kharkov airport transfer – it will save your energy on local taxi drivers and time looking for the building, entrance etc. How it works: our Kharkov driver meets you in the airport with a sign with your name on it, and takes you to the apartment, helps to check-in. You can make the payment of the balance of your stay to the driver, upon receiving the keys of the apartment. Please see details of Kharkov airport transfer here.

Apartment Inspection

Upon check-in you will need to show your passport and there will be an inspection with KharkovRent staff, to check the proper condition of your Kharkov apartment. This is important with regard to the security/damage deposit. We can provide you with receipt for rental services in Kharkov, Ukraine, please inform us that you need one beforehand and we will be happy to draw it out for you.


Check-out time

Check-out time is by 12.00 noon. We can extend your stay maximum till 15.00 after the check-out time if there are no clients checking-in right after you on the same day. If you are willing to check-out in the evening, you will have to pay for half of the day stay amount.

Extension of your stay in Kharkov apartment

If during your stay in your apartment in Kharkov you decide to prolong your stay, please contact your apartment manager as soon as possible. It is important as we may have accepted further bookings on your apartment, and in case of your staying longer will either offer the next client another lodging, or if they have pre-paid their stay, will offer you alternative apartment, and will help you to transfer to it (it’s a free service).

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Kharkov, do not hesitate to come back to Kharkov, we are always happy to help you on your trip!

KharkovRent Team