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Excursions in Kharkov

Occupation: Tour guide/interpreter in Kharkov Ukraine

Languages spoken: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Hello, my name is Olga and I am a certified tour guide/interpreter in Kharkov Ukraine. I believe that Ukraine is an incredible and unusual place to discover and Kharkov being the first capital of the Ukraine, and second largest city of the country, is a unique place for its visitors. Let me show you the famous and available places of the city I live in, from an unusual point of view, help you to see the wonder of present and unveil the mystery from its past, I have designed custom made walk tours in Kharkov, the most interesting routes for foreign visitor of Kharkov, and will do my best to make your vacation to Kharkov Ukraine a pleasant one and unforgettable.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in regard to our excursions.Details and booking information you can find below, either by phone +38 067 7095545 or Skype or email info@kharkovrent.com

Travel guides: - All our excursions are given by local tour guides with excellent English, experienced and dedicated to their guiding job, they handle the tours with professionalism and passion, you will not only learn a lot about the city of Kharkov and Ukraine in general, but will enjoy your time and will make friends in new country of Ukraine.

Payment options: - For your convenience you can pay for the tour package either with your credit card or Paypal account in advance or in cash to the tour guide when the Tour starts. You can be 100% sure we deliver the excellent service!


Duration: 1-1,5 hours, walking tour.
University Hill is the place where the history of Kharkiv starts and where our walking excursion begins. During the tour program you will see many architectural monuments connected with the past and miraculously preserved nowadays. We will look into the old pages of Kharkiv’s history, times when Kharkiv was a small walled town. During our exciting trip we will observe major turning points in Kharkiv history that gave impulse to Kharkiv development turning it into metropolis , making Kharkiv to be well known all over the world. We will also admire the beauty of Holy Shroud ( Pokrovskiy Cathedral), The Annunciation ( Blagoveshchenskiy Cathedral) and the Assumption Cathedrals (Uspenkiy Cathedral) - the temples devoted to Blessed Virgin Mary, Rus Protectress.

The walking tour program includes:

  1. Kharkiv history foundation: from the fortress time till present time (panorama of the city);
  2. Enjoying panorama of the city;
  3. Observation of Assumption Cathedral architectural monument;
  4. Visiting the territory of Holy Shroud Monastery : Holy Shroud Cathedral and the Church Of Holy Virgin Lady of Ozeriana;
  5. Sightseeing of Annunciation Cathedral.

Cost: $35 BOOK NOW


Duration: 2 hours, walking tour.
Our walking tour will start at Constitution square, a historic main square of Kharkov that hiding a lot of mystery and unknown facts. Here we will admire famous tourist attraction “Bank Row” which is considered to be architectural heritage of the past. Then we will take Sumskaya Street up to Freedom square, center of modern cultural life of the city, there we will observe in more detail the architectural outlook of Sumskaya street – main street of the city.

Victory Square is our next point of destination. Here we will get to know legends connected with foundation of the square as well the architectural composition “Mirror Stream”.

During our trip connecting the past and present of the city, you will see unusual and amazing monuments: the sculpture of Archangel Michael, tablet of fingerprints in alley of stars, monument to “ The 50th parallel”, Shevchenko Monument, Football Ball in Alley of Glory. We will visit Public Shevchenko Gardens - the most popular place for having rest and entertainment in the city.

Having reached Freedom square – one of the biggest squares in Europe, you will see its architectural complex – visit card and symbol of the city.

The Kharkiv tour program includes:

  1. Constitution Square as the former financial center and trading center;
  2. Architectural outlook of Sumskaya street - main street of Kharkiv;
  3. Sightseeing The Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theatre with its magnificent light and music fountains. History of its foundation;
  4. Visiting Victory square. Legends about the symbol of Kharkiv city – architectural complex” Mirror Stream”;
  5. Unusual monuments of Shevchenko Gardens;
  6. Sightseeing of the architectural complex of Freedom Square.

Cost: $40 BOOK NOW


Duration: 3 hours, walking tour.
Kharkiv city is notable and remarkable city of Ukraine, that’s why it always attracts attention of tourists by its sights. Being historical value and essential part of the Ukraine national culture it preserves uniqueness and individuality of the city. Our trip will start at Architecture Square, the place which is deservedly considered to be tourist’s “spice”. There you can find Seven Wonders of Kharkiv city - seven most popular architecture constructions represented in miniature. Having seen the sights in miniature we will continue our way to see all Wonders of the City in reality.

Our trip will be full of interesting stories, legends and myths. We guarantee bright impressions and positive emotions!

The Kharkiv walking tour will include:

  1. Overviewing Seven Wonders of the city at Architecture Square;
  2. Visiting Holy Shroud Monastery;
  3. Admiring Assumption Cathedral;
  4. Observing Annunciation Cathedral;
  5. Visiting building with the spire - the model of “Stalin Empire” style;
  6. Visiting Mirror Stream ( Zerkalnaya struya) – favourite place for meetings and having rest for both Kharkiv citizens and tourists;
  7. Seeing the unique Shevchenko Monument in Shevchenko Gardens. History and legends connected with it;
  8. Grandeur of the House of State Industry (Gosprom), history of its foundation;
  9. Unique architectural complex in Freedom Square, history of its creation.

Cost: $50 BOOK NOW


During our amazing journey we offer you to explore the historical center of Kharkov - “ University Hill" , the center of social life - Freedom Square, and main street of the city -   Sumskaya street . Together we will get to know the history of the city, get inspired by its cathedrals , amaze the variety of architectural styles, learn its culture and traditions, admire its unusual monuments and sights.

All these venues create unique city look, and connect past with the present so harmoniously.

You will get bright impressions during the trip which leave your heart with warm and pleasant memories of Kharkov, Ukraine!

The Kharkov city tour program includes:

  1. Introduction of the Annunciation Cathedral;
  2. Introduction of the Cathedral of the Assumption;
  3. Visiting Holy Shroud Monastery;
  4. Overviewing architectural complex of the “Bank Row”;
  5. “Mirror Stream” - stories and legends about the architectural masterpiece ;
  6. Seeing Shevchenko Gardens. It’s amazing monuments;
  7. Freedom Square – unique architectural complex.

Cost: $50 BOOK NOW