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Kharkov apartment questions

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Q. What can I expect in the apartment I rent in Kharkov?

KharkovRent offers you only centrally located flats for daily rent in Kharkov. No matter if it may be a studio or one-bedroom (two-bedroom) apartment, be sure itís nice, clean, safe and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. There is sleeping area, lounge and kitchen sets in every Kharkov flat we rent out. All of the apartments for rent have local dial telephone and a TV-set and some have more entertainment facilities such as satellite TV, video, DVD, spa etc. Our flats to rent have a kitchen, but the Kharkov apartments of small area or studios have a kitchenette. In the larger flats the kitchen can be a separate room. Kitchens are mostly equipped with a cooker, microwave, fridge-freezer, crockery (including plates, cups, glasses, pots and pans, etc.), and cutlery. The delivery of provision is at additional costs, if not stipulated when you book the apartment. Our flats for rent do not have a bar, but normally this is not considered to be a disadvantage as you have a choice of cooking your own meals, dining in local cafes and restaurants (which are very nice and inexpensive), and our manager will always recommend you a nice Kharkov cafe/restaurant nearby. Or, you can order food from courier (if you intend to order this service, please discuss it with our manager as soon as possible when booking a stay).

Q. Are bed linen and towels provided?

Bed linen and towels are provided in all our apartments for daily rent. There is no extra charge for this. The flats are also equipped with a soap and toilet paper. If you need extra bed linens or extra set of towels, or another blanket, donít hesitate to ask us and we will bring them for you.

Q. How do I get to the apartment/get the keys?

The keys are given to you on arrival at the Kharkov flat. If you do not order our car transfer from Kharkov airport, you will be met there by a representative of KharkovRent at the time specified by you in accordance with the time of your arrival. Be sure to have exact explanation of how to get to the apartment you rent in Kharkov, and to have our managerís mobile phone number with you while getting from the Kharkov airport to the flat in order that you will be able to get to the apartment easy and fast.

Q. What are the check-in and check-out times?

All the flats we rent out in Kharkov have check-in time at 2 p.m. If you arrive in Kharkov before 2 p.m. and the apartment you rent is ready, you are more than welcome to check in. If we have guests checking out we need a few hours to clean the flat. Any variation of these times is only by prior arrangement, so please do not hesitate to discuss all details before your arrival.

You are requested to check out of your apartment in Kharkov by 12 a.m. If you wish to check in earlier or check out later than the agreed time, you can pay for the half of the day, but please, discuss it with our manager.

Q. Do you own the Kharkov flats you rent out?

Yes, we own some of the apartments for rent and others are in maintenance of KharkovRent, thus we can offer you professional service and very reasonable prices for centrally located Kharkov flats.

Got a question but have not found an answer here? Ask us and we will reply promptly.

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