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How to book a Kharkov apartment

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Q. How do I reserve an apartment for rent?

Stay for 1-3 nights: if you are going to visit Kharkov for a short period of stay and do not wish to go through the hustle of prior payment, we can write down your request and offer you a range of similar quality Kharkov apartments, and the exact address we will give you a couple of days before your arrival. In this case you simply pay the full amount upon checking in. But if you are interested in a particular Kharkov flat and want to have only it for your stay in Kharkov, you can pay for it in advance before your arrival, and we will keep it for your dates firmly. Contact our manager at to know more details.

Stay for 4 or more nights: if you want to book a Kharkov apartment for 4 nights or more, you can select and book from our website any flat for rent which you prefer (if its available at the time of booking). However in order to confirm this booking you must pay a non-refundable* deposit of one night stay for each 7 day period which you book. For example, for a stay of 4-7 days you are to pay a deposit of one night's price for the Kharkov apartment you have chosen. For 8-14 days you will pay a deposit of two nights stay. For staying longer than two weeks a rent deposit of $150 is required. This deposit is included in the total cost of your stay, and you will pay the balance for your stay at the check-in. The deposit can be paid by PayPal or VISA, and we will email you all necessary details.

*Deposits (pre-payments) are meant to ensure reservation of the flat to rent for you, and that is why they cannot be refunded in case of your cancellation of your visit to Kharkov.

Q. What payment methods can be used?

You can make your deposit payment using your PayPal account or, if you don't have it, by VISA credit card, the remaining payment for the apartment you rent must be paid in cash to the owner of the Kharkov flat or a representative of KharkovRent on your day of arrival in Kharkov.

Q. What is the minimum rental period?

In most of our Kharkov apartments the tenancy can be as short as one night, it just depends on the price (usually the longer your stay, the less you pay per night basis). You can ask for a quota for monthly rentals if you need.

Got a question but have not found an answer here? Ask us and we will reply promptly.

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