Freedom Square

Must See


One of the largest squares in Europe (some sources even consider it a leader in size ) - Freedom Square in Kharkov . It was conceived as its creators . The area was founded in the years 1923-1925 , paving referred to the 1930s.
The area survived the Nazi occupation, being called the German Army area, and fr om 1943 - "an area of ​​the SS Leibstandarte" unit that captured a second town. The Nazis did not destroy it, because it was a symbol of strength and power, which they preferred to keep. After the liberation of the area returned to its original name, which she wore to the 1996 - the name of Felix Dzerzhinsky. Square view is really amazing. It covers almost 12 hectares, length is 750 meters and width of -125 meters. The station is an area of ​​a neck flask converted to the Sumy street.

Freedom Square was designed as the first area of ​​the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, as Kharkiv at the time was the capital of Soviet Ukraine. Hence such a scale and style of construction, and style were built next to the area of ​​buildings - Gosprom and the Party Central Committee (now the building of the Kharkiv regional state administration). It was planned not only the area, there were planned whole new areas, architectural style which was to coincide with the style of the area and, of course, "the era of style." Architect VK Trotsenko projects developed areas such as Prospect Truth, Chichibabina, Danilevsky and Culture. It was Zagosprome.
Freedom Square in Kharkov, has long been a center of mass folk festivals and celebrations. Huge in size , it attracts thousands of residents and visitors to the city on an unforgettable holiday concerts . In the New Year in the square set a huge Christmas tree , the grandfather of the Frost house , wh ere children can make wishes , ice pieces in the open air . Fun celebrate their graduation eleventh-graders of the city. Festive concert to the Independence Day and the Day of the City.

Kharkiv are very fond of their home area . We used to see her like this - with paving stones , with huge beds around the former Lenin monument , Square, Gosprom . How many years ago are all so familiar and dear . We love our city. We love the heart of the city - Liberty Square . And let this heart always beats life - walking passers- riding cars , and most importantly - let the people happy and having fun here.