Gorky Central Park of Kharkov

Must See


Gorky Park is the Central Park for Kharkov, covering an area of ​​over 130 hectares and located next to downtown. Gorky Park is truly one of the main attractions of the city. It has gone through substantial reconstruction during recent years and now is featuring rides, slides, water pond and many cafes and entertainment places. It is truly a favorite vacation spot of Kharkovites and guests of the city, the best amusement park and entertainment in Ukraine and CIS. There are all conditions for an active and memorable stay there - free admission, themed areas, cafes and restaurants, fountains, football and basketball fields, and, of course, rides for children and adults. There are more than 50 modern attractions of the world-class Italian, German , American brands. You can  bring there your company, or come alone to meet new friends, many young people go there to enjoy sports and leisure activities, as well as families with children. Everyone will find their favorite spot in Gorky Park.