Kharkov Dolphinarium

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Opened May 30, 2009 to the International Children's Day , it is located in the city park Shevchenko.  In Kharkov Dolphinarium eight live animals . Among them : 4 dolphins ( Gesha - in honor of Gennady Kernes , Michael - in honor of Mikhail Dobkin , et al . ) , 3 South American fur seal and a sea lion.

Dolphinarium city Kharkov (Ukraine); Located in the garden of them. Taras Shevchenko. One of the largest dolphinariums in the CIS consists of two pools, which contain three million liters of water each, the main hall, designed for a thousand people, and the aquarium. The area of ​​water surface of 480 m², depth - 6 m [3]. The construction of a dolphinarium in September 2007 [3], opened May 28, 2009 [4]. The first pets (dolphins Gesha, Misha, Hercules and Vita, seals Lila, Julia and Bob, sea lion Doughnut) were brought from Odessa [3]. It is a part of a national network of cultural and recreational complex "Nemo." The dolphins are a variety of sports events for children, such as "Small Olympic Games"