Sarzhin Yar Park and the cable car

Must See


If you are visiting Gorky Park, you can ride a cable car from the amusement park to the residential area Pavlovo Pole (Field). A 10-minute journey at a height of 8 to 26 meters will open magnificent views of the city. You will see also a natural monument of Kharkov - canyon Sarzhin Yar and might want to make it big on hiking. Do wear comfortable shoes and dont expect to get over at once: Sarzhin Yar stretches for 12 km. At the bottom of the canyon there is river called Sarzhinka. In Sarzhin Yar famous mineral water pump room "Kharkiv-1" is located, you can drink it for free. They have built a pool where you can plunge if you are not afraid of cold water. The water temperature in the pool is almost the same both in warm and cold season. So, in winter it is from +3 to +5, and in summer the water warms up to a maximum of 10 degrees. Here Kharkovites come for Epiphany bathing, to celebrate Midsummer. Nearby, on the slopes of Sarzhin Yar is a wooden church is built to honor the Mother of God "Consolation". It was built in pseudo-Russian style. The area around the water spring is improved, there is children and sports playgrounds. And now it's a popular and nice attraction place for Kharkov.