"Sharovka castle" - Castle Manor

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Sharovka manor on the banks of the river Merchik started at the beginning of the XIX century . Landowner Paul Olkhovskiy ordered to build a palace and laid the two-kilometer slope beams park. At the end of XIX century the owner of the castle became sugar magnate Leopold König, originally from Germany. He built the castle out, completed with the two wings and three-storey Gothic defense towers. Sharovsky park too changed dramatically with the König: terraces, stairs, cascade of ponds, pools with fountains and stone bridges were built.

Wide linden alley became the main element of the park. Linden is cut off in such a way that all branches grow vertically. There are also centuries-old oaks in the park, the oldest of which is 600 years old. On the gentle sunny slope lower terrace there is horticultural greenhouse, gardener's house, backyard and garden.

Taking a walk through the park and enjoying the estate Sharovsky unusually fresh air, do not forget to touch one of the most romantic tokens of the castle's legends - a large stone, which locals affectionately call ... booty. As the rumor goes, Koenig's wife was a rare beauty. But the problem was the young woman did not love her husband. Once the sugar magnate sent her to the seaside to improve her health, undermined by tuberculosis. Belle did not lose time in vain on vacation and had an affair with an officer. "Well-wishers" immediately reported to Leopold about this incident. The betrayal of his wife haunted Koenig but he loved her so much he forgave her. However, one day Belle was walking in the park in Sharovka and stumbled on the stone which she recognized as the one she indulged in passion with the officer on... According to the legend, Leopold ordered this lump weighing 6 tons to carry to Sharovka so that his wife would not forget about her sin. Locals claim that the stone has magical influence - one has to touch it and make a wish and if your wish is filled with love, it will come true... Be sure to visit this beautiful castle once you are deciding on which excursion to take while in Kharkov.