Shevchenko Park

Must See


Monument to the great Kobzar in Kharkiv built in 1935 is considered the best embodiment of the image of Shevchenko in monumental art. The height of the figures - 5.5 m, and the monument itself is 16 m high. The poet is presented in socialist realism style - a great fighter figure surrounded by heroic fighters for freedom, comrades of Shevchenko, and symbolic peasants and workers.

In 1929 city authorities of Kharkov adopted a resolution on erecting a monument to the great Ukrainian writer and artist. However, only five years later the monument project was approved. In November 1933 project of famous sculptor Matthew Manizer was approved as the best one in the competition.

For long six years Manizer worked on bronze Taras Shevchenko and statues of all the monumental ensemble. Writer Shevchenko was depicted as a symbol of a revolutionary poet with a rebellious soul, his dynamic posture full of inner tension reflects complete, focused and resolute fight for Ukrainian people better life, which is in fact a Soviet interpretation of the image of Taras Shevchenko as a revolutionary prophet for the interests of the working people. However, nowadays its the central monument of Sumskaya Street and Shevchenko park of Kharkov and place of interest for many generations of Kharkovites.