Restaurant of "Panorama Lounge"

Restaurants and Caffe


If you got tired from fuss and became bored after a comfortable atmosphere and delicious meal is a restaurant of Panorama at your disposal.
It is here possible to enjoy not only a wonderful kind on the "heart" of noisy Kharkiv but also to indulge itself taste of original and unique dishes. And in the evening to become a witness that, how a restaurant throws down the gloss and grows into quiet and mysterious lounge . For romanticism and soft music lovers is becomes pleasant addition.
Having a rest in Panorama Lounge, you necessarily will estimate the use of front-rank technologies, and also services of our restaurant, that will add to your life of bright paints, :
  • -banquets;
  • -stand-up meals;
  • -anniversaries;
  • -corporate measures;
  • -child's holidays;
  • -birthdays;
  • -delivery of dishes and drinks;
  • -organization of holidays "turn-key";
  • -individual decoration of hall;
  • -delivery of artists and stars of the stage;
  • -entertaining program,
  • -anchorwomen, animators;
  • -development of scenario of holiday.