Kharkov transportation

Details on how to get around in Kharkov


Public transport here is historically a good way around for a budget traveler. Trains, buses, trolleys and trams as well as famous Kharkov metro (subway) help to save on getting around and see all must sees. For sure it will give you an insight into daily life of Kharkovites and see the real country, maybe make new acquaintances as its always a good idea to ask for directions people passing by if you got lost.  

To summarize, public transport in Kharkov is cheap, safe and frequent. Normally the interval between buses, trolleys, trams or mini buses (marshrutkas) is around 15-20 minutes.

There is also a bus station (cenral bus station of Kharkov) where you can purchase  a ticket to any large or small city in Ukraine and travel there conveniently and safely. 

There is central train station as well, you can not only take a train around Ukraine or to Russia but also to some European countries e.g. Germany.

And lastly, there is Kharkov airport (HKK) which was recently remodeled and extended, and new routes are being added constantly. 

If you need help with purchasing a ticket, let us know and we will gladly assist you.