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01.08.2012 - Dolphin baby birth in Kharkiv Dolphinarium "Nemo"

On July 17, 2012 a miracle happened in Kharkov Dolphinarium "Nemo" - little cute baby dolphin was born

08.03.2012 - Women’s International day

The city of Kharkov just celebrated International Women’s day on the 8th of March

07.03.2012 - Holidays in Kharkiv

The 9th of March is a holiday for Ukraine as well and is dedicated to the 198th anniversary of birth of great famous Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko

04.12.2011 - Christmas and New Year holidays in Kharkiv

The year of 2011 is coming to its end and long awaited Christmas and New Year holidays are at the door step

14.11.2011 - Will see you in Kharkov for Euro 2012

Football (soccer) is well a known and world renowned game, loved by literally every third man in the world. People in many countries admire and enjoy it! Our city Kharkov Ukraine – as well

03.10.2011 - We have opened Forum

We have opened Forum dedicated to Kharkov Travel, Kharkov Accommodation, Dating in Kharkov, Kharkov Sights and Places to visit

04.08.2011 - Reconstruction of the central recreation park

Kharkiv is a city with numerous attractions and places to relax. Parks and gardens of the city create excellent conditions for rest and entertainment in animate nature within the boundaries of a bustling metropolis

28.06.2011 - Constitution of Ukraine Celebrations in Kharkov, Ukraine

The 27th and the 28th of June are the official holidays and days off in Ukraine. On the 28th of June in 1996 Constitution of Ukraine was signed and adopted.

03.06.2011 - The III international festival of short cinema «Kharkov Lilac»

The III international festival of short cinema «Kharkov Lilac» has taken place in the first capital of Ukraine

11.05.2011 - Victory Day May 2011 in Kharkov Ukraine

Kharkov citizens and guests of our city have enjoyed a row of holidays from May 1st (Labor Day) to May 9th which is Victory Day for Ukraine and Russia

16.04.2011 - Two newly remodeled one bedroom apartments for rent in Kharkov

We are glad to offer you two newly remodeled one bedroom apartments in the center of Kharkov, right in Sumskaya Street across entrance to Shevchenko park

13.03.2011 - Weather and cultural events in Kharkov

Spring has come to Kharkov. The weather is perfect: warm and sunny. So don’t hesitate to visit Kharkov. You will have where to stay and what to see...

28.02.2011 - Frosts in Kharkov

From the middle of February inhabitants of Kharkov have been suffering from frosts, in contrast to the whole mild winter we had...

12.02.2011 - Saint Valentine’s Day in Kharkov

The most romantic holiday of the year is coming up – Saint Valentine’s Day. Still more and more people in Ukraine celebrate it...

29.01.2011 - Kiev-Kharkov bus connection

In the previous news I told you about the flights from Kiev to Kharkov. But that is not the only way to get to Kharkov from Kiev. There is also bus connection between Kiev and Kharkov...

19.01.2011 - Information about Kiev-Kharkov flights

Do you have any reservations about visiting Kharkov in winter because of severe weather conditions? We can assure you that Ukrainian winters are usually mild, so don’t hesitate to come to Kharkov! There are two regular flights from Kiev (Borispol airport) to Kharkov and back.

06.01.2011 - Rent of Kharkov apartments for the period of our holidays

KharkovRent is glad to inform you that prices for all our apartments for daily rent in Kharkov for the period of Russian Orthodox Christmas – the Old New Year, that is, from January 7th till January 14th won’t be raised!

24.12.2010 - Mini-hotel in Kharkov downtown

Esteemed guests of our city! The staff of KharkovRent wishes you merry Christmas and a happy New Year! And we are glad to bring to your attention an excellent alternative to Kharkov hotels!

10.12.2010 - Philippe Villa in Kharkov

Great news for connoisseurs of classical music! Rather soon famous Philippe Villa will visit Kharkov!

11.11.2010 - Mini apartments in Kharkov downtown

KharkovRent offers mini apartments complex in the centre of Kharkov as an alternative to a Kharkov apartment for daily rent.

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