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We take pride in catering to every need and request our guests may have planning a trip to Kharkov. Check some of our services below.



Transfer from Kharkov airport to the flat you rent in Kharkov: our English speaking driver will wait for your arrival holding a sign with your name on it, and transfer you directly to the Kharkov apartment you rent. This way you save your time and nerves bargaining with Kharkov taxi drivers, and do not waste time finding the building/the entrance to the flat.

  • From Kharkov airport to the Kharkov apartment and vice versa – $30
  • From the bus/train station to the Kharkov flat and vice versa – $20

Please note for late check-ins (after 23.00) or early check-ins (before 8.00) we will require additional payment of $5 for our staff meeting you in extra working time.

We can arrange car/minibus transfers to any major cities around Ukraine:

  • Kiev – Kharkov
  • Kharkov – Dnepropetrovsk
  • Kharkov – Odessa
  • and other cities, please contact us for a quote.

Concierge services

Concierge services

  • Daily house cleaning – price upon request
  • Food delivery/grocery shopping – price upon request
  • Laundry services
  • Tickets purchase/bookings
  • Interpreter/personal assistant - $8 per hour/ $40 per day (8 hours)

Dating agencies guide

Dating agencies guide

It is not a secret Ukraine is a popular destination for online dating; hundreds of Western men come to Kharkov Ukraine to meet women they’ve met online. How to understand if she is for real, a serious marriage minded lady, or a scammer or money-digger? We at Kharkovrent have experience in helping and counselling for many of our Western clients, assisting in communication, translations and interpreting between Ukrainian women and Western men. If you hire our dating guide and counselor, it will save you lots of heartache and will hold you away from disappointments.

We can help you with:

  • Counselling. Our dating expert will listen to your unique situation and give you advise on the woman (women) you are currently in communication with but have your doubts if she’s serious or sincere;
  • Coaching. Our dating guide worked many years for a dating agency and can tell you how to distinguish between the honest woman and those dishonest ones. Also tips on how to treat your Ukrainian date, how to present yourself, how to understand the cultural differences;
  • Tour to dating agencies. When you are in Kharkov we can introduce you to well establish agencies, help you to visit them and choose from their catalog the most sincere women;
  • Interpreting. Even if your online date was able to communicate with minimum English, when you are in town, meet her in person and consider one for the most important decisions of your life to propose to her, its crucial to have at your side a professional interpreter at your dates.


Tours in Kharkov Ukraine

Ukraine is an incredible place to discover and Kharkov is a unique city for its visitors, being the first capital of the Ukraine and second largest city of the country. With the help of our English speaking professional and friendly tour guides you will see the famous places of Kharkov from an unusual point of view, they will help you to see the wonders of its present and unveil the mystery of its past.

We have designed custom made walk tours in Kharkov, the most interesting routes for foreign visitor of Kharkov, and will do our best to make your vacation to Kharkov Ukraine a pleasant one and unforgettabl.

Learn language

Learn Russian or Ukrainian in Ukraine

Study Russian or Ukrainian at professional courses (two options are available, private tutor and group lessons) in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Why should you study Russian in Kharkov, Ukraine?

  1. Immersing into the language and culture of native speakers provides a unique opportunity to not only master the foreign language quickly and efficiently, but also meet new people, build connections, get to know the new culture and understand the “soul” of Kharkov, Ukraine;
  2. Kharkov is a “city of students”, young professionals and educated people, this gives you a chance to make friends, socialize, meet beautiful Russian speaking people in a natural setting (as opposed to using “artificial” way of meeting friends via online dating sites);
  3. Kharkov is part of Eastern Ukraine and has rich history and architecture, you can enjoy sightseeing, exploring the city and surrounding areas;
  4. Last but not the least, studying Russian in Kharkov Ukraine is way less expensive than taking courses in your country or in Russia.

Contact us for courses’ details, we will be happy to assist with quality accommodation, guiding around the city, tours, and concierge services, make it a package adventure, a safe and unforgettable one.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Guiding - Interpreting - Consulting: Experience Ukraine safely and friendly

Your travel to Ukraine can be either a very enjoyable experience or a small nightmare. Ukraine is a friendly, beautiful country, rich in natural resources, nature and smart, educated people, but yet at the same time many things here lag behind from Western standards, to name a few, infrastructure, hotels, not many locals speaking English and alike.

And here services of our professional guide, translator or interpreter can be a real help and saving you a penny, if not to say more.

A lot will depend on how well you have prepared for the trip, who you know in the country if you go off the usual route, and how much you are aware of the cultural differences in interacting with Ukrainians.

Whether you are coming to Ukraine for personal or business reasons, using the service of independent professional translator, interpreter, guide, teacher and driver in Ukraine is the best solution to optimize your expenses and get the most advantage of your Ukraine trip.

We are Ukrainians yet know English well, have strong work ethics and strive for long time reputation and references from our clients. Whether you come over to inquire business opportunities or meet beautiful ladies, just touring or sightseeing Ukraine, we are always here to give you qualified, bottom-priced help.

Some of our services include but not limited to:

  • Translation of letters/correspondence/skype chats etc with Ukrainian ladies
  • Interpreting at meetings/dates/business meetings
  • Cultural difference guidance
  • Dating Councelling Services

Investment Assistance

Investment Assistance

While Ukraine is not officially high ranked as investment favorable country of the world, there are still areas of Ukraine economy that can yield high returns on investment, small or big. One of such areas in real estate market, in particular, rentals, short term or long term. Since our involvement in real estate in Kharkov, we know the market, its opportunities, good sides and down sides. You can rely on our expertise and connections to industry professionals, if you decide to invest in residential or commercial real estate in Kharkov. Just to give you a hint, ROI on short term residential rental in downtown Kharkov can be 16-18% annual.