Rental services in Kharkov, rent a car, hire a Kharkov interpreter, international dating

Rental Services in Kharkov

Rent Internet modem

There is Internet access in any of our Kharkov apartments for daily rent. We can provide you with fast Internet 3G modem (MTS or PeopleNet local providers) for a small fee of $1 per day (traffic will cost $0.012 per 1Mb=$12.8 per 1Gb).

For that you should reserve the modem beforehand (as they are in great demand). Donít forget to bring your notebook with you, and at the check-in we will give you modem (your notebook must have USB port), drivers to install and instruction (easy one) in English. Damage deposit for modem itself is $100 and is returned to you upon your returning the device.

For details donít hesitate to ask us at or call +38 (067) 709-55-45

Rent a Cell

If you visit Kharkov for short term, itís wise to have a local cell phone number rather than using expensive roaming. By our experience, American cell phonesí roaming does not work here (though your company can assure you that it will!), and European roaming has often problems with our local operators. Besides, it is much more convenient to have a local cell: any minute you can call your friend or our office if you have any questions, also people whom you are visiting wonít have problems reaching you. We can tell you the number of your mobile phone beforehand.

How to get a cell while you stay in Kharkov: contact us at and we will bring it to the apartment you rent for the check-in. Please note that you will be asked to leave returnable damage deposit ($40) for the phone.

The price for rent: $5 per day if up to 5 days, $3 - up to 10 days.

Rent a Car

If you need a car while you visit Kharkov, we can help you to rent a car. Send your inquiry beforehand at
You also can hire a driver with his car. In many cases it is better and safer taking into account crazy aggressive driving style on Ukrainian roads. Itís also easier for you as a driver will take you right from the Kharkov apartment you rent and drive you anywhere, and you will not have to look for a parking lot. One hour around the city costs $20, one day up to 8 hours - $90.

Hire an Interpreter

Tourist visit to Kharkov

If you want to visit Kharkov as a tourist for sightseeing, getting experience in new country/city, the best idea is to hire one of our friendly and experienced interpreters in Kharkov who will help you to make the first acquaintance with our city of Kharkov, Ukrainian culture, will tell you about the architecture and history, churches, famous places etc. Also our Kharkov interpreters will give you the best advice where to change money, what shops in downtown to use, what cafes/discos to attend etc. This way your trip to Kharkov will be enjoyable and unforgettable experience, and you will really know our city.

The cost of one day (8 hours) of tourist guide assistance - $90, one hour - $15.

Business visit to Kharkov

If you are going to make a trip to Kharkov for business purposes - to meet business partners, participate in exhibitions, conventions, or seminars, our certified interpreter or business guide in Kharkov will help to make your meetings run smoothly.

One hour of interpreting - $18.

Dating in Kharkov

Our Kharkov guide/interpreter Nataliya Bondar experienced in international dating can help you to arrange your meetings, clear up cultural differences, make yourself familiar with Kharkov, order meals, book tickets, etc. If your potential date speaks little or no English, itís very wise to have first meetings with an interpreter, who is a cultural, educated lady and knows how to help a man and a woman from different cultures to find mutual understanding. Some foreigners mistakenly believe once they meet a lady from Ukraine, they can get along well, provided they like each other, even if they don't talk much. But it's a mistake, as for Ukrainian women it is very important to talk, to express ideas, to see what potential husband think of many complicated things, etc. So if you want to make a good impression on your woman, don't hesitate to hire an interpreter as helpful hand.

One hour of interpreting on date - $15.

Write us for details, a schedule of our Kharkov interpreters available for your dates, their contacts at

We also have qualified translators in Kharkov who can help you with correspondence translation.

If you want to learn Russian, we can provide Russian language courses. Contact us for more details!